GW-ICC & APHC 2016

The focus of GW-ICC has been elevated to a new level since 2000. Today’s Congress attaches heavy emphasis on cross-disciplinary integration and research on areas such as cardiovascular diseases and endocrinology, diabetes, neurology, examination, psychology, medical imaging, among others. This development has led to the progress of many unique Chinese research projects, while encouraging broad collaborations with foreign cardiovascular specialist societies and associations. The scope and fields of academic exchange have fully expanded, demonstrating China’s research achievements in cardiovascular disease.

In the past four years, led by GW-ICC, the Asia Pacific Heart Association (APHA) was established jointly by leading experts, scholars and academic organizations of cardiovascular and related fields across the Asia-Pacific region. Together with APHA, GW-ICC held the Asia Pacific Heart Congress (APHC) to feature the latest insights on cardiovascular disease prevention, health promotion and health education development in China and the Asia Pacific region. These events also delved into developments within the field of cardiology worldwide, as well as major trends in societal development, medical research and disease control.

GW-ICC & APHC 2011 attracted 13,000 experts and doctors from 29 countries and regions. The congress had 23 sub-venues, 1,507 academic speakers, 316 sessions and 45 special topics. To harness the large scale and depth of content presented, the Congress adopted new communication technologies to strengthen foundational research, promote disease prevention and control, and standardize clinical practice and service to the general public.

Partners Exhibit

Partners Symposia

The GW-ICC&APHC&ICCPR is one of the largest congresses in the Asia-Pacific region and is the most comprehensive and influential academic conferences on cardiology. Our scientific program will span 9 sub-specialties in cardiology presented by outstanding speakers, a series of 16 types of sessions on the latest developments, 50 professional categories, more than 400 academic exchange activities, seminar, exhibition and joint forums with more than 20 international academic organizations. GWICC & APHC & ICCPR remains a unique opportunity to bring together various stakeholders in the field of cardiology and related disciplines. In terms of the e-learning, congress delegates can leverage on its GWICC cloud service. Delegates can easily access academic materials and live congress through its official website, micro-blog, mobile application, mobile text, e-magazine and webinar.

This year’s congress will proffer a wide range of topics: from translational research for cardiovascular disease, prevention and risk control, coronary intervention, pacing and cardiac electrophysiology, structural heart disease, heart failure and left ventricular function, imaging and diagnostics, to clinical research as well as interregional collaborations in crossover studies of related disciplines. It is expected that nearly 3,000 leading experts and over 15,000 participants from more than 30 countries will attend the meeting, offering a great opportunity to network, share expertise and participate in the progress and development of the cardiology field.

Registration MUST be completed through the official website (

Registration Fee

CategoryPre-Registration -
on or before 20 August 2016
Onsite Registration -
after 20 August 2016
Full ParticipantUSD500USD600
Accompanying PersonUSD200USD300

*The deadline for pre-registration is August 20, 2016. After this date, only on-site registration will be available.
*Student– A copy of student card is required for verification.
*Accompanying Persons are limited to family members. Accompanying persons will not be admitted to scientific sessions.

Registration Fee Inclusions

Full Registration
*Admission to scientific sessions from October 29-Nov1, 2016
*Access to exhibition area
*Access to opening ceremony and closing ceremony
*Access to congress printed materials

Accompanying person
*Access to exhibition area
*Access to opening ceremony and closing ceremony

Payment Method
Chinese Heart Federation Limited
Bank of China Hong Kong
Jordan Road Branch
Hong Kong
A/C numbers:
012-581-00052033 (HKD)
012-581-92074810 (USD)
012-581-92074823 (CNY)

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