EuroHeartCare - ACNAP Congress 2021

EuroHeartCare - ACNAP Congress 2021

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This year, our annual congress is delivered virtually, which enables us to reach globally and create a truly world-class programme.

EuroHeartCare is unique! It remains the only conference of its kind in Europe; leading the way in bringing together nurses and allied professions from across all core specialties within cardiology, with the shared aim to support the best possible care to people affected by (or at risk of) cardiovascular disease, their families and communities more widely.

I personally would describe EuroHeartCare as “the ESC Congress covering the breadth of cardiology, BUT especially designed for nurses and allied professions” – this for me means I get exposed to my own specialty (great!) but also have the chance to learn what is new and current across all areas that ultimately link to mine (extremely valuable too!).

EuroHeartCare 2021’s programme has been carefully designed to provide education and training in a dynamic and engaging format with dedicated tracks providing practical guidance on how to perform procedures, implement guidelines and deliver high quality clinical care as well as expose its audience to latest scientific advances. This year’s live stream features a range of interactive multidisciplinary workshops and opportunities to interact with experts in cutting edge research and science implementation. We are also very mindful of the value of networking and have a range of opportunities to enable information exchange and sharing of practice. There is also an extensive on-demand programme that allows you at your convenience to learn from specialists in their fields as to latest guidelines and practice. Plus of course a strong feature on COVID and the valuable opportunity to be exposed to the great work and many advances by nurses and allied professions at this extraordinary time. This is a not to be missed event to so please keep the dates, register and take advantage of the opportunities to participate as much as you can and when you can – online does bring a unique opportunity for more flexibility.

Programme available online here

Registration available online here

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